Q:Does the paper feel like real currency?

A:Our props are printed on quality printing paper and does NOT feel like real currency. Our prop money is meant to be used on camera so there is no need for the props to “feel” real.

Q: Is it 1:1 copy?

A:It is already best version with goverment allow quality which is much  different from real bill  . All toy money is made by paper  according to international law. There is no hologram .and it will not pass the UV test  and cannot be 1:1 copy .It's forbidden.  Its only use for movie , video ,Games

Q:How long it will be arrived ?

A: It takes 4-9 working day to euro countries and united states ,15-25 days to other countries 

Q:Is it plastic or paper?

A:ALL of our prop money made by paper material which is in premium quality.

Q:Is this legal?

A:Yes this is Play money which approval by goverment its legal.

Q:Is is the same size with real bill?

A:Yes Exactly the same size as real bill

Q:Does the hologram on the new style prop bills work?

A:No, And cannot be created to work as functional hologram, No silver , No watermark

Q:Can you remove your emblems and This note is not legal tender or for motion picture use only  ?

A:Sorry we cannot removed, it will not pass as real money , its an offence to use prop money in any way, other than its intended use , and can lead to imprisonment if used illegally