Why a rising tide of fake prop money is fooling businesses?

Do you wonder when you watch an infinite amount of money shown in movies such as The Wolf of Wall Street, The Fast and the Furious, or the Netflix series “Ozark” (a movie in which there was a considerable display of movie money)? Do you think about where exactly does the shown amount come from? Well, that money is called prop money. It’s a whole industry that operates in making fake money, and their buyers are film production houses. Statistically speaking, less than 1% of the total currency in the U.S. is counterfeit or artificial, which is not the norm.

This article is an explanation of the way people are fooled and how businesses get into the trap of this fraud.

What is Prop Money or Fake Money or Prop Movie Money?

Fake money and film industry has been in the association since the film industry’s inception. The marriage between the two needs compromises where the money has to be used to create an illusory impact on the audience, while the industry has to use it under the radar of the law. Movie money must be made in the guidelines of the law in the U.S., but the reality suggests otherwise.  


Mostly, video fake money is made through illegal means and scams. U.S. law states that the money used for such purposes should be either larger or smaller than the actual currency. For instance, certain Chinese and Russian words and characters are used to fake money, which is illegal according to the law. Only the quantity is used to differentiate between real money and counterfeit money. Recently, the Russian translation of the word “souvenir” was used to fake a $20 bill and president Jackson was renamed as Cruger. On the other hand, Chinese-made prop movie money consists of pink characters, and “Bill to Be Used for Counting Practice” is also written on it. Subsequently, prop money is also tricked with the use of spraying starch on dollar bills or by crumpling dollar bills so that one cannot see the full note. 

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